Power Loss and Poor Fuel Economy?

If you want to optimize power and economy from your engine, then you need to ensure the following...

  • The crankcase (oil-wetted side of the engine) is free of deposits...everywhere!
  • The fuel system is totally clean...especially pumps and injectors
  • The inlet air & induction system is totally clean & free of obstructions
  • Combustion and exhaust spaces are free of deposits that prevent the engine breathing at full efficiency

As with most jobs, it's best to start with the basics first of all...getting these things clean!

Carboned up combustion and exhaust spaces (incl turbochargers) don't let the engine breathe efficiently, cause poor fuel atomization, and reduced turbo boost. Power loss and poor fuel economy result, but can be rectified with FTC Decarbonizer use. FTC actually burns off any carbon contacted by the fuel flame, and continues down stream in the exhaust, so will actually burn off turbo deposits, that prevent it "spooling up" at earlier RPM's.

Fuel Economy

Sticking piston rings cause substantial compression loss, impacting power and economy. Sludge and deposits reduce lubrication efficiency and cause extra internal drag. Flushing Oil Concentrate used in the oil for 30 minutes restores power and economy, that has been lost due to fouling deposits.

Fuel system sediments and other fouling deposits interfere with accurate fuel metering and correct fuel atomization. Marked power and efficiency losses can occur. Cleanpower Fuel System Treatment is the powerful, safe and efficient corrective measure, providing finer fuel atomization and improved power and economy.

Once everything has been cleaned up, the engine performance can be further optimized by using the following products...

FTC Decarbonizer. The faster fuel burn releases more of the fuel's energy closer to top dead centre, with less tail end burning out the exhaust, producing mor epower.

AW10 Antiwear. This will fortify any oil (mineral or synthetic) to provide more intimate, and much stronger lubrication. Frictional losses are reduced to release more power.

CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail type diesel engines, provides improved fuel injection precision ongoing.

To purchase these at discounted prices, check out our Diesel Power Pack and Petrol Power Pack


Fuel Economy

2004 Mitsubishi Triton 2.8 TD 260,000 kms. John Orth of Ormeau (QLD) uses the Triton for everyday running and towing the caravan also. After using FTC Decarbonizer, he says, “The power improvement is unbelievable! Turbo lag has now disappeared. There is less smoke, and it’s idling much smoother!” John's also used the Flushing Oil Concentrate and has removed a lot of sludge, and declares... "The valve gear, as viewed from the oil filler point, is now clean!"

Detroit 8V71. Site tipper work. Excessive idling and cool operating temperature caused power loss and blowby. FTC Decarbonizer made a marked difference to increase power and fuel economy. It also stopped the blowby. (George, Bay City Earthworks)

Flushing Oil Concentrate restores lost compression (& power) by freeing up stuck piston rings. Look at these compression figures from a Diahatsu Rocky Turbo Diesel...

Cylinder No

Compression (PSI) before Flush

Compression (PSI) after Flush













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