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Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Don't replace injectors! Try Cleanpower first...most injectors just need a thorough clean! Cleanpower is our remarkably effective fuel system and injector cleaner. Stored fuel lasts longer if treated with Cleanpower, due to its anti-oxidant capability.

  • Smoke?
  • Power Loss?
  • Hard Starting?
  • Rough Idle?
  • Poor fuel economy?

Suitable for both PETROL & DIESEL engines, it quickly removes the most stubborn fouling deposits.

  • Cleans fuel injectors, fuel pumps & carburettors.
  • Optimizes fuel efficiency & power.
  • Reduces diesel smoke.
  • Easy starting hot & cold.
  • Smooth operation from idle to full RPM’s.
  • 250ml Treats up to 2000L of Fuel.


SAVINGS HISTORY: Avoiding pump & injector costs from $400 to $5000

Price $48.00
CRD Fuel Enhancer  for Common Rail Engines

CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

Why replacing the injectors might be only a “bandaid” fix…         

Knight's Toyota dealership had a 2007 Hilux arrive with bad injector rattle. All injectors scored off scale readings. The engine was shaking, rattling and knocking a lot…indicating that $4000 worth of new injectors was required. As $4000 was out of the question for the owner, they offered him a bottle of CRD Fuel Enhancer. It wasn’t until the next service when they saw the Hilux again. This time, the injectors produced an “as new” test reading, and they performed perfectly.

In this case, the injectors were actually fine, and the root cause was fixed by restoring full cleanliness to the injectors, AND providing the necessary lubricity to the fuel to cope with the high temperature, high pressure and fine tolerances of the common rail system.


There’s no shortages of horror stories about common rail diesel problems, and our fuel system cleaner, CRD Fuel Enhancer is the real life FIX for most Common Rail problems!

  • Cleans the entire CRD fuel system
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection for pumps and injectors
  • Had petrol in YOUR diesel? CRD Fuel Enhancer could still save your pump and injectors!
  • Restores power & economy
  • Complete fuel treatment
  • 250ml treats 2000L of diesel.

SAVINGS HISTORY: $1500 to $20,000 in injector &/or pump replacements

Price $54.00
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Designed to restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engines (petrol or diesel), Flushing Oil Concentrate has been responsible for directly saving many thousands of engines from a rebuild.

Bottom line is many engines are still within serviceable amounts of wear, yet behave as if they are worn out due to fouling deposits around piston rings and elsewhere. Flushing Oil Concentrate recovers these engines and rejuvenates performance.

Our customers love Flushing Oil Concentrate. Here’s what they’re saying:

Mack & Detroit Fleet: (Mark James, Wellmix Pty Ltd) We have been using the Flushing Oil Concentrate for a fair while now, in some of our older 12L Macks and Series 60 Detroit Diesels, and with great success. These engines had developed a fair bit of blow-by and were using more oil. We find that using the Flushing Oil Concentrate reduces blow-by and oil use in these older engines. We've even had engines with 2 million kms respond well to the Flushing Oil Concentrate.

Nissan 4.2TD Patrol: (Peter Simms, HUMPTYDOO NT).  Peter had spent thousands of $$$ replacing radiators, clutch fan hubs, thermostats, chemical cleaning, and more... Nothing solved his overheating! In fact over the last 3 years, it just got worse & worse. The temp gauge would sit 3-4mm above the ½ way mark. Every time it ran hot, the air conditioner would cut out. After doing a web search, and finding reports of solving this problem, Peter finally tried the Flushing Oil Concentrate & Cleanpower pack. Overheating problem solved! Now at 110kph uphill, towing the quad bike trailer, and the temp stays cool. Peter also reports that after his first flush, the new oil was amber clean on the dipstick. Normally it went black straight away.

Flushing Oil Concentrate is THE real-life FIX for sludgy engines, and perking up performance in mid life & older engines. It restores FULL cleanliness to all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions & hydraulics.

Here are just some of the engine problems that Flushing Oil Concentrate has fixed:


  • Dirty Black Oil
  • Stuck piston rings
  • Engine Sludge
  • Engine compression loss
  • Power Loss
  • Oil use
  • Diesel Smoke
  • Rough Idle
  • Overheating
  • Engine start problems
  • Blow by

Flushing Oil Concentrate is the PERFECT, real life fix for perking up performance in mid-life and older engines. It leaves all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions and hydraulics in spotless condition.


  • Removes sludge & hard carbon.
  • Frees sticking piston rings.
  • Cuts smoke & Blowby.
  • Restores power & economy.

Flushing Oil Concentrate has helped our customers save thousands on engine rebuilds, from $4000 to $200,000.

It’s cheap to use too! Just 250mL of Flushing Oil Concentrate keeps a Landcruiser or Patrol clean for 10 oil changes. Or it will clean up 2 dirty ones.

Order yours today!

Price $97.00
FTC Decarbonizer

FTC Decarbonizer

 Combustion Enhancer - Decarbonizer - Kills Diesel Fuel Bug outright

Designed to burn fuel faster and cleaner, as well as actually burn off carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, FTC has saved thousands of engines from carbon related failures, rejuvenated performance and economy, increased engine life by 20% (and in some cases much more) and kept emission control equipment and sensors from malfunctioning due to deposit formations.

Mitsubishi FP418 Truck:
(Interstate Removal firm). We first purchased FTC Decarbonizer after suffering suspected glazing in a rebuilt engine (due to light loads and cold conditions). The engine was down on power and billowed white smoke. Within six hours of using FTC, there was no white smoke and power improved. On top of that, we are saving $1000 on diesel for every 5L bottle of FTC Decarbonizer. 

FTC Decarbonizer is THE real life FIX for cylinder glaze, and carbon in combustion & exhaust spaces (including turbochargers, catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters). You won't need to clean or regenerate DP filters! FTC works directly at the CAUSE of the problem. FTC safely burns off all cylinder glaze and hard carbon from these areas. Using FTC, engines become totally free of hard carbon build up! The level of internal cleanliness is the most dramatic confirmation of the benefits of ongoing FTC use!!

  • Trucks, boats, 4x4's, cars, earthmovers, farming, small 2 & 4 stroke petrols
  • Deglazes and decokes engines
  • Stops diesel smoke & improves diesel emissions
  • Assists keeping EGR's, cat convertors, Diesel Particulate filters & exhaust sensors clean and trouble free
  • No need to regenerate or physically clean DP filters
  • Restores power & economy
  • Actually speeds combustion to produce more power for the same fuel burnt.
  • Fast cold starts
  • Reduces blow by & oil use
  • 1Ltr treats 1600Ltrs of Diesel

SAVINGS HISTORY: Has saved or postponed rebuilding thousands of vehicles suffering diesel smoke from $4000 to $500,000

Price $120.00
FTC Special Offer

FTC Special Offer

Price $215.00
AW10 Antiwear

AW10 Antiwear


Transmissions, Diffs, Final Drives



Well loved and respected bush mechanic, “Roothy”, who writes for 4WDAction, Caravan and Motorhome, and Live to Ride, had this to say about AW10 Antiwear: “This stuff is the greatest. It has to be the slipperiest thing this side of a banana peel on a boat ramp. Bugger me! Old Milo (Landcruiser Troopcarrier) is shifting gears a lot sweeter since that injection of AW 10. I felt the slicker change almost immediately. But the ultimate test was chucking a cap full in the two-stroke fuel in Mungo's ancient 25HP Mercury outboard. The bloody thing ran smoother and rattled less almost straight away.”


Manual gearshifts become much smoother, reducing notchiness, rattles, bearing whine, etc. Cooler running results from keeping mating surfaces separated by a powerful oil film. Suitable for all manual gearboxes, transfer cases, final drives. Especially recommended for Caterpillar D9 final drives. AW10 is not suitable for wet clutches and some limited slip diffs.


AW10 Antiwear is THE real life FIX for stiff or notchy gear shifts so common in manual transmissions! Want silky smooth gear changes? Try AW10 Antiwear! AW10 Antiwear is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction (& heat) reduction. Cut internal friction, and you minimize component stresses...so things last much longer.

  • Cuts Noise
  • Stops rattles
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces wear
  • Cooler operation
  • Reduces friction

SAVINGS HISTORY: Has avoided or postponed many gearbox and diff rebuilds from $2000 to $12,000

Price $98.00
Aw10 Antiwear Special  Offer

Aw10 Antiwear Special Offer

Price $180.00
RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment

RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment

Engine overheating?

RMI-25 will cool it by 7C...or more!

Even a thin layer of mineral scale through the radiator and engine water jackets is a major barrier to efficient cooling! RMI-25 added to the coolant quickly dissolves mineral scale and sediment from conventional type coolants.

Water provides more efficient cooling that the common gylcol type coolants, which are not necessary under typical Australian conditions. (Waterless coolants are generally pure glycol, and your engine will run hotter!!)

RMI-25 cleans and cools

Toyota Landcruiser Fleet: With over 100 Landcruisers in this WA mining fleet, an average 25 water pumps failed a year due to the hard water used. The seal lips go first, then the bearings. The first year on RMI-25 Cooling system treatment saw 1 failure. The second year no water pumps failed. Expect longer pump and hose life with RMI-25.

Want radiator hoses that last twice as long? A coolant that lubricates water pump seals? Want an end to aluminium corrosion under hoses? Want to eliminate stray current that can corrode radiators in under 12 months? RMI-25 is THE real life FIX! The RMI-25 is a concentrated additive designed to Clean, Lubricate and Protect your radiator.

Why spend money on replacing expensive glycol when RMI-25 will clean and cool your entire cooling system while you drive.  RMI-25 makes engines run cooler, prolonging engine life.

One Easy Application - Just pour some in your radiator and drive away.  

  • Non-Toxic System Cleaner
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Inhibits electrolysis
  • Avoids Water Pump failures
  • Doubles Hose Life
  • Prevents cavitation & pitting
  • Contains Fluorescent leak detector 
  • Cost effective glycol alternative

If you don't need antifreeze, you could just use water and RMI-25. And if you love remote travel your cooling system provides an additional source of emergency drinking water. (Just make sure all traces of glycol have been thoroughly washed out first! Can't guarantee that it tastes nice, but it's not toxic!)

SAVINGS HISTORY: Has prevented water pump failures ($300 to $4000), and avoided engine loss caused by failed cooling systems in thousands of applications, saving rebuilds from $4000 to $200,000 plus.

Price $33.00
Discover The Secrets

Discover The Secrets

With such a long time in the industry, we've learned so much about engine and machinery problems, that we thought some of this knowledge should be passed on to our customers.

Price $39.95
Blue/bHIP Energy Drink

Blue/bHIP Energy Drink

Who suffers from the 3pm fade? bHIP Blue is the real life FIX for getting through a full day's work without losing energy and concentration. Great for shift workers, esp when safe operation of machinery is a factor.

When it comes down to it, we could all benefit from the sustained energy boost that bHIP provides, to get through our typical busy, high stress lifestyle. Teenagers, students, mums, dads, executives, doctors, etc…and, for those like me, who love to (or need to) exercise or workout…you’ll be able to put more into it, and get better results.

Price $99.95
ProVent 200 Oil Catch Can

ProVent 200 Oil Catch Can

Common Rail Diesel owners! At some stage inlet manifold deposits are likely to severely choke off air supply and necessitate an expensive ($1000 or more) repair bill.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, VW, BMW, Audi or other, the  combination of exhaust soot (through the exhaust gas recirculation) AND oil fumes from the crankcase ventilation system cause deposits to build up.

The ProVent 200 is the only catch can we know of that prevents oil from crankcase fumes getting into the inlet manifold…and that means no choking inlet manifold build up.

One of the big reasons for its success is the coalescing internal filter, which sheds the oil mist. There are look-alike imitations, but only the genuine German made, Mann & Hummel ProVent 200 has this feature.

Price $220.00
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