Engine Blowby problems, most don't need a rebuild!

Engine blowby problems? Most don’t need a rebuild! Cylinder “Blow-by” (excessive crankcase pressure) is a common and worrying problem encountered by most truckies at some stage in their career. Concern is certainly justified, as it typically means an expensive engine rebuild is necessary, and this is usually recommended by mechanics and dealers.  

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Nissan Patrol & Landcruiser Overheating Problems

Time and time again, we are contacted by customers who have overheating diesels that they cannot rectify. Many have spent $3000 to $4000 on big core radiators, new water pumps, thermostats, fan hubs, chemical cleaning and more, yet have not fixed the problem.

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Maintain emission control equipment the CEM way, for longer, trouble-free engine life!

Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Volvo? It doesn't matter! Your truck's emission control equipment needs to be kept clean to prevent problems with EGR valves, PDF clogging, turbo failures, injector problems and short engine life. You don't have to put up with engine rebuilds at 600,000kms or less!!

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Cost savings boost coal production…

If you want to increase mine production, or earthmoving efficiency, increasing power is an easy option...but you don't want to compromise engine reliability in doing so. Here's how you can increase production AND lower overall costs at once...

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Cost Reductions in Driveline Maintenance

In these competitive economic times, there is sound merit in maintenance practices that extend equipment life. Driveline components are no exception.

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How to keep older equipment in service for much longer...with better reliability!

Let’s face it! Vehicles and machinery don’t last forever! Sooner or later they need major overhauls or replacement, but with very little additional effort, even fairly old equipment can be kept in service much longer than expected…AND, with better reliability than before.

Only a few basic principles need to be addressed to achieve longer service life…

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Additives for Managing Common Rail Diesel Emission Control Equipment

Fuel Additives and an Engine Flush have proven to be the most cost effective means of solving problems in common rail diesels

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Fuel & Oil Additives a Cost Effective Option!

Quality, purpose designed fuel and oil additives offer low cost solutions to many expensive problems encountered by vehicles and machinery.

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YOUR Problem Solver Checklist

Simply use this checklist to find the the most cost effective solution for many common problems faced by vehicle and machinery owners...

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Loss of POWER?? More power & torque…or YOUR Money Back!!

If you think that new vehicle performance is as good as it gets, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise! As advanced as modern petrol and diesel engines are, there are still substantial inefficiencies that prevent full power reaching the wheels.

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Hilux D4D bad fuel Injector Problem...fix it for $54!!

A new set of injectors can cost in the thousands of dollars, Don't got replacing injectors when they can easily be fixed with our CRD Fuel Enhancer.

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Solving Common Rail Diesel Problems

Cost Effective Maintenance have now developed their CRD Fuel Enhancer to address severe injector rattle, expensive injector and fuel pump failures, injector sticking, stalling problems and even rapid piston and liner wear. 

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Water crossings...protecting gearboxes and diffs from rust!!

Flood damaged machinery is an enormous cost to not only farmers & miners, but also the general public. But that impact can be reduced...

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Successful Tips for Burning Straight Vegetable Oil in Diesel Engines

While it is possible to burn straight vegetable oil (SVO) in diesel engines, it is fraught with problems, and has resulted in many engine failures. But by using FTC Decarbonizer and Flushing Oil Concentrate, and following some proven methods, it is possible to be green, and make very large savings...

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Additive Stops Automatic Transmission Overheating

Heat is the biggest killers of automatic transmissions. It pays to look after them...

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Engine Sludge...Act quickly! Or it'll kill your engine!

Engine sludge is now a major, and extremely expensive problem for both petrol and diesel engines. Toyota is one manufacturer who has been on the receiving end of a massive class action. But the problem is easily cured, and Cost Effective Maintenance show how...

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Major Improvements in Driver Fatigue Management

Fatigue is the direct cause of 60-65% of all haul truck accidents in surface mining operations, according to an article put out by Caterpillar Global Mining.
Tests with a new energy supplement indicate that major improvements can be achieved in fatigue management... to the point where it may be eliminated.

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How to fix a Diesel that's hard to Start Cold?

Cold weather starting becomes increasingly more difficult as engine deposits build up over time. Rather than carrying out expensive mechanical work...

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Cat, Cummins, Mack & Detroit oil soot, carbon and blowby issues

Caterpillar 3500 Series engines were modified in approximately 2004 to meet new, low emission requirements. Since then, there have been some concerning problems for operators. These include High Oil Soot, Bore Polish, Sludge and Overheating. Factors reportedly at blame include the introduction of Monotherm Pistons, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems and high load factors.

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Your Energy Level, Safety & Productivity!

Your Energy Level…Safety & Productivity

Improved energy levels and concentration make vehicle and machine operation safer. It can improve productivity, as well. If you have more energy, you’re more alert and have a greater capacity for work. And that’s what bHIP Energy delivers.


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Diesel Smoke tells YOU a Story...

Basically, smoke from a diesel engine indicates that something is not right. It should be taken as an indication that there is a problem...

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Improving Fuel Economy

Selected use of after-market products to improve fuel economy

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Mechanics! Car, truck, machinery dealers! How to boost YOUR business...

What if, when you service a customer's car, truck or machine, it actually runs, sounds and drives so much better than expected, that the owner is not just satisfied, but so delighted, he can't stop talking about it?

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City driving increases truck & bus emissions.

Diesel exhaust particulate matter (DPM) is known to cause cancer, and while much blame has been put on aging truck and bus fleets, Brisbane based firm, Cost Effective Maintenance has concluded that the single biggest contribution to diesel smoke is due to the compounding effects of city driving cycles.

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